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Snake Charmers

August 6, 2010

On the last day in Dhaka city, we went to a nearby village to see a snake charmer. When we arrived, per usual, we drew a large crowd. Children, women, men all gathering around our car as our interpreter negotiated the price for us. When we got out of the car to watch the snake charmers, the crowd stayed and watched as well.

At first they brought out just one cobra snake that was long, but not large. Then they brought out two other snakes that were not cobras. Then at the end, they brought out a huge cobra snake that was very very upset. It was hissing and lunging at the charmer!

The several people in the crowd started to communicate to us that they were all snake charmers. They earn money by going door-to-door and perform snake charming shows.

Here are some pictures.


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